The political saga of Lake Tahoe (part 1)

lakeview-webThink about how you would tell the political saga of Lake Tahoe to an audience who knew nothing of the Lake.  I had the  experience of relating our tale to a (presumably) interested group of international travelers in a tea house on a recent trek in Nepal. 
To say it simply, it went something like this …
Imagine a lake, a natural national treasure, split down the middle by the border of two states with historically different political philosophies.  The two states together, in order to keep oversight management by the Federal government at bay, charged themselves with preserving the environmental integrity of the pristine body of water by creating a bi-state agency, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency.  The TRPA’s mandate was to manage one simple challenge: every time it rains or snows a grim soup of natural nutrients and man-made pollutants washes into the ‘natural bowl’ that holds the lake.  Water travels downhill and the goal is to stop it  …  what follows is a remarkable story of man versus nature, man versus government and man versus man.  
 Check in with us weekly and we will unfold the story.


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