Lakefront & Prime Lake View Properties

Lakefront Condos

An affordable way to sit on the Lake and enjoy its proximity and world class scenery is to consider one of Lake Tahoe's lakefront condominium communities.  Lakefront condominiums offer a true on-the-water experience  ...  or will be located within the project's lakefront … Details

Lakefront Homes

One of the greatest investments you can make in Lake Tahoe real estate is to buy a world class location among a highly-limited inventory of properties. This defines the Tahoe lakefront home. There are many 'variations on the theme' and a lot of area specific issues to be … Details

Prime Lake View Condos

North Lake Tahoe lake view condominiums come with many considerations, from the hi-rise building to both small and large floor plans. There are a variety of choices and interesting considerations. One example, the best condominium lake views in North Lake Tahoe are in a … Details

Prime Lake View Homes

This is a market in which I am deeply involved and one of the most interesting arenas in North Lake Tahoe real estate. There are all varieties of Lake Tahoe lake view homes for which we brokers have given code words: 'peek'  'filtered'  'lake view'  'panoramic'. Many lake … Details