Lake Tahoe’s Bureaucratic Megalopoly

Each of these agencies has jurisdictional authority over what happens on and around Lake Tahoe …

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA)

U.S. Forest Service

Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board (Lahontan)

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP)

California Tahoe Conservancy (CTC)

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

City of South Lake Tahoe (CSLT)

Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT).

Desert Research Institute (DRI)

Tahoe Research Group (TRG)

Lake  Tahoe Environmental Education Coalition (LTEEC)

Lake Tahoe Resource Conservation District (TRCD)

Nevada Tahoe Conservation District (NTCD)

Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

California State Parks

California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)

Nevada Division of State Lands (NDSL)

The California Air Resources Board (ARB)

This bureaucratic megalopoly needs a title.  It is Tahoe Integrated Information Management Systems (TIIMS).  For an in-depth description of the role each of these agencies plays in the management of the Lake  

…  now overlay all this with powerful advocacy groups like the Sierra Club, The League to Save Lake Tahoe, Sierra Watch and the “Friends of ____ (fill in the blank) …  all dedicated ‘watchdog’ groups that reflexively oppose development initiatives within the Basin   …  and the discussion has begun about ‘unintended consequences’ of loving something too much.

If you think about it … you put any plan in place for twenty years and give it powerful advocates, it is unlikely this is a plan that is going to have a lot flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances throughout its 20 year term, even if the Plan proves to be an obstacle in achieving its own goals.   

So let’s start a series of discussions about the future of the North and West Shores with an example.  The following ‘blog’ posts  –  I will number them (seems like a good idea) and put them in yellow boxes.  In this issue, and editions to follow, we will  ‘Inside Track’  the history and breaking news of the new Regional Plan Update (RPU) which may – or may not – bring a significant transformation to Lake Tahoe’s north and west shore communities.   Whatever the outcome, whatever your personal position,  we have an epic story unfolding …

to be continued




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