Michael Mapes, Trustee – Davis Family Trust

I have just completed a rather difficult transaction involving the sale of a residence in Tahoe City. As trustee of a family trust, I had responsibility for readying the house for sale and making key decisions in the sales process. Michael Willette was extended the opportunity to market the trust property that I held responsibility for selling.

Michael was chosen as my representative based upon his knowledge of the Tahoe Region marketplace, his reputation for competence and his skill in managing complicated property transactions. He first approached me a year before he was actually given the opportunity to list and sell the residence. He gave good suggestions for marketing the residence, even though the listing had already been given to another sales agent. One year later, after one unsuccessful sales attempt by the initial agent, Michael was given the opportunity to demonstrate his sales abilities.

Michael produced the desired results in 60 days. Along the way, he handled building permit issues, zoning problems, occupancy problems, satisfaction of sales requirements and sales contract deadlines with competence and efficiency.

Clearly the leader of his team, Michael also had very competent and valuable team members in the form of Ashley Alexander and Jacki Willette. Ms. Alexander did a masterful job of coordinating a myriad of tasks to insure that the house met all conditions for the escrow closing. Ms. Willette did a great job of managing paperwork and keeping me informed about the progress of the sale and the long list of things that needed to occur for a completed sale.

I would not hesitate to recommend Michael Willette to anyone wishing to buy or sell a property in the Tahoe Area or anywhere else, for that matter. He brings extensive experience to the table along with solid communication skills and suggestions that lead clients to their sale or purchase goal. Michael’s knowledge, active involvement, genuine concern and focus on a positive outcome instills confidence in what can be a complicated, unpleasant process. This makes him a man you can trust as your realtor.

Michael Mapes, Trustee

Davis Family Trust